Use DISM to Repair a Windows 10 Image

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A client program that also fills in 2 histograms and creates a TTree.

Every 1,000,000 fills the histogram and the tree is sent to the host, which displays the histogram.

  • Amazing 2 Open ROOT window
  • Start in main window
  • First run: window.times fastMergeServer.C
  • In other windows run root :.exe -b -l -q .x treeClient.C Will (be sure to include this in detail if you wish). If you want to run hserv.C directly on multiple hosts, replace just “localhost” in the current TSocket ctor below with the actual hostname you want.
  • Authors
    Fons Rademakers, Philippe Kanal

    for (int i is 0; i 25000000; <) {

    messlenMess +=.Length();

    += cmesslen mess.CompLength();

    coefficient: printf(“Average data compression messlen/cmesslen);

    “Kunde Tree”
    “Unable to connect to server %s:%d.”
    “local host”


    “Kunde Tree”
    “Unexpected server: message status=%d\n”

    “Kunde Tree”
    “Unexpected computer message: status=%d\n”
    “Treesabout Kunde”
    “Connected to a fastMergeServer other than %d\n”

    “This is a distribution of pixels”



    Use this function in case of a fatal error. The program has been terminated. Our

    The 1st native class is the base among all university histogram classes in ROOT.

    The similar TMemFile is a great regular TFile, except that it only writes and sees memory.

    Returns two or three numbers distributed according to Gaussian mean = 0 and sigma = 1.

  • Hello everyone

    Sorry to be late in the thread, but my problem with the infamous error 0x800f081f started when you finished installing the latest Microsoft Snowball update KB4016240. My experience probably tells me that every time one of them is removed, Microsoft will fix a lot of other problems or break something else.

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    In some of these articles, you will find a link to download the .cab file directly to your C:\ root directory, in which case run the following Powershell Swift command with elevated privileges:

    Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /source:C:\ /LimitAccess

    I tried /featurename:netfx3 and it worked very well for me. However, it should be noted that when you upload a CAB file, you will definitely get a .uac prompt stating that you do not have permission to upload to this file. directory .(C:\cause .behind .directory) .even .if .you .are .in .admin .account ..Reason, mind you, can be described as .cab file .as clicked here – 7zip or WinRar depending on which two you are currently using. To overcome these hurdles, I downloaded the .manual cab file to a folder and “Download” placed it in the root of the web directoryayta C:\.After that you can execute exactly the line above.just

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  • Hello



    : After installing the CAB batch file and the PS line several times, I restarted Maker. Windows Update was installed even though I rebooted again.

    Dism continues to report a lot of errors related to the fact that everythingoriginal files not found, etc.

    I missed? something

    cheers, alt=”” src=””>

    You have installed .NET
    Usually you don’t run a tricky workaround if the way the Dism health scan doesn’t complete.
    Windows 10 V1703: fix dism error 0x800F081F Borns | And technology – Windows

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    I am lucky to have tried and tested methods that have successfully completed all the edges described in this guide. also

    I tried the deprecated method and it really works :
    Dealing with Windows Error Code 0x800f081f Dean Jessica regarding Technet

    However, I have tried editing the Cliff registry, but not as the DISM signal seems to indicate the presence ofauthentication issues 16184.1001, and assuming it’s a pre-build, it might be exactly what MS expects DISM to be. With what I said, I’ll wait for the final version and see if everything works correctly. Please note that I am not very knowledgeable in this unique area, but I have tried (almost) every method without success.

    Good luck


  • Hello

    Thank you C


    Cliff. This concept also works if

    is specified

    Your source of health, ?

    Hmmmm, do a little mount on the iso and check that it definitely runs the network version of the command.

  • Hello everyone

    I’m sorry to be too late to chime in on this thread, but my problem with the infamous error 0x800f081f started shortly after installing the latest Microsoft Snowball update KB4016240. My experience now tells me that every time Microsoft removes one issue, many issues are fixed by others, and then something else is broken.

    Before I dwell on anything, I should say that the credit for what I’m about to say actually goes to “Jessica Dean of Technet” who wrote the “How To Fix: Error Code 0x800f081f” article on windows. URL:

    How to Fix Windows Error Code 0x800f081f by Jessica Dean on Technet

    In fact, there is a link in this article to download the CAB file directly to the root directory. Then c:\ run Powershell command inspire with elevated privileges:

    Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /source:C:\ /featurename:netfx3 /LimitAccess

    I tried this and it worked the problem very effectively. However, it should be noted that in addition to downloading the CAB file, you will also receive a UAC message saying that you do not have permission to access this directory (C:\original), even ifyou are in it. . The reason, mind you, could be that the .cab file is a WinRar compressed 7zip file, or depending on which of the two of you is currently using it. To overcome the obstacle, I downloaded my .cab archive on “Download” and deleted it in the root of the C: \ directory. after this you will actually be able to drive on the above line.

    Just that I hope someone with the same problem can help.

    Ps: Anyone who reads these types of posts, don’t take them lightly, they are misleading and have nothing to do with this thread. Better be my mistake!!!

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