Scriptol is a modern, high-level programming language, designed to be natural and safe. It is easy to learn and allows to program faster. The compiler produces JavaScript, PHP or C++ code.

Scriptol provides a faster solution to program your web pages, your scripts and applications. Scriptol is the first procedural language to integrate reactive programming and goal orientation.

A Scriptol program can be compiled or interpreted, and even built within an HTML page.


The version 2 of the language was launched in 2014.

  • About Scriptol.
  • Reference manual. For Scriptol 2014.
  • Last changes.
  • FAQ.
  • Scriptol, JavaScript, PHP, syntax compared.
  • Compilers compared. Features implemented in each compiler.

The Scriptol to JavaScript compiler

Compiles Scriptol to JavaScript and may be used either from the command line with Node.js or in a HTML page. The file command version must include scriptol.js while the HTML page must include scriptolbrowser.js. The archive contains demonstrations, including a demo of canvas.

  • Versions of the compiler.

Other compilers

The Scriptol-PHP compiler converts Scriptol programs to PHP and makes scripts or dynamic web pages. The PHP code may be interpreted on various platforms by the PHP interpreter.

  • Installing and using the Scriptol to PHP compiler.
  • Last changes in the compiler.
  • Document Object Model
    Accessing content of XML documents and HTML page with a standard interface. This is a Scriptol extension but it is part of the core PHP 5 language.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Scriptol to C++. Build native executables.