Scriptol is a modern, high-level programming language, designed to be natural and safe. It is easy to learn and allows to program faster. The compiler produces JavaScript, PHP or C++ code.

Scriptol provides a faster solution to program your web pages, your scripts and applications. Scriptol is the first language to use XML as a data structure and to integrate reactive programming.

Modern design of programming languages

New languages ​​should integrate new concepts to make programming easier, safer.

The language

Scriptol provides a quicker solution to program your web pages, scripts and applications. Scriptol is object oriented, high-level and designed to be easy to learn and read.

Scriptol 2

Changes come in 2014 to the language, that are applied to Scriptol-JavaScript and Scriptol-PHP at first. The book if for the 2001 version.


A Scriptol program can be compiled or interpreted, and even built within an HTML page.

The Scriptol to PHP compiler

The Scriptol-PHP compiler converts Scriptol programs to PHP and makes scripts or dynamic web pages. The PHP code may be interpreted on various platforms by the PHP interpreter.

Last version: 2014-04.

The interpreter

The Scriptol interpreter is a teaching tool. Not all features of Scriptol are implemented. The use of XML as a structure is fully implemented and allows to process information very easily.

You can get the interpreter on the download page. A full installer for Windows includes the interpreter and examples, an editor, and a reference manual. The interpreter is under the Mozilla 1.1 license.

The Scriptol to C++ compiler

The free Scriptol-C++ compiler builds executables for Windows of Linux, from Scriptol sources. It is convenient for scripting, or building applications GTK or HTML 5 (and Node.js) as graphical interface.
The binary compiler may be used with Turbo Explorer and Visual Studio.

A C++ compiler is required at backend. Scriptol is compatible with Visual C++, CLang, MingwW, GCC under Linux.
You can link any C or C++ library to your Scriptol program. No need to compile anything more.
Links to libraries as GTK, LibXml, OpenGL, GD, and wrappers or C sources are available on the download page.

News about Scriptol

See the changes page for the last version of the language. Continued

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