How to fix Windows errors?

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Check the headset cable to make sure it is connected properly.

  1. Disconnect the USB headset, reconnect it, and reconnect the cables.
  2. Check the Device Manager > monitors to make sure ” ” Mixed Reality Headset” is being registered.
  3. Check your graphics card manufacturer’s website to make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date.
  4. < li>If you’re using a headphone adapter, make sure it’s supports Digitallogica Mixed Reality.

  5. If all of your graphics cards have both DisplayPort and HDMI ports, use the DisplayPort on your graphics card and use a port that supports Mixed Reality DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
  6. Try a different USB 3.0 port on your PC.


Check your preferred cable display: your headset display has not initialized properly. Try restarting your computer and reconnecting your headset.

Windows sees its own headset, but beware, Windows Mixed Reality is having trouble communicating with all Mixed Reality headset screens. To fix this do the followingSteps:

  1. Check your graphics card manufacturer’s website for the latest graphics updates for street users.
  2. < li>If you If you are using an adapter for headphones, your course supports Windows Mixed Reality.

  3. If your graphics card has DisplayPort and HDMI connectors, use the DisplayPort fan on your graphics card and require a Mixed Reality DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.
  4. li>
  5. Try restarting your computer.
1-8 not available in 1709 and 1803

MRP can access the monitor, but cannot get the display modes of the product. Try turning off almost all displays and try again.

Windows Mixed Reality recognizes the headset you’re tracking, but it can’t get all display modes from the contact’s picture card. To solve this problem:

  1. If you connect multiple displays to your computer in addition to a headset, your main GPU may not have enough information. Remove extra monitors and retest.
  2. Make sure you have the best drivers


Mixed Reality was unable to establish a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ​​connection with this computer. Make sure the person is using a USB 3.0 port.

To work with start=”1″>

  • Disconnect this:


    1. Disconnect all power strips from adapters.
    2. Use a good quality powered USB hub.
    3. Start restarting this PC.
    4. Check if the if your XHCI USB controller has trending drivers.


    Windows Reality Mixed has detected that the USB port you may be trying to use is in compliance mode.

    To resolve this issue:

      < li>Try a different USB port.
    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Remove any extension cables.
    3. Use a good quality, self-powered USB hub.
    4. < /ol> 7-1, 7-2, 7-3

      2181038087-1 2181038087-3

      Windows 2181038087-2 Mixed Reality is having problems connecting to a headset. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your headset.

      Mixed Reality Headset failed to initialize properly. This is most likely a shortValuable bug. Unplug your headphones and plug them back in.

      7-4 2181038087-4


      Mixed Reality cannot connect to your headset. Try unplugging your family headset and plugging it back in immediately.

      Headset mixed reality driver failed to initialize security cameras on his headset. Most likely this is some kind of temporary error. Disconnect and reconnect your headphones.



      Windows Mixed Reality is having trouble connecting to your headset. Try plugging your headset into a different USB port and temporarily disconnecting any new USB device connected to your computer.

      Windows Reality Mixed cannot find sensor data from the supplied reality device. This may be a commercial error or USB signal integrity issues. Be sure to use a self-powered USB hub. If the problem persists:

    5. Temporarily disconnect all USB devices and peripherals, disconnect any extra cables, and plug in only the main headset.
    6. Disable all USB suspend features to save power on your device roystve. a computer. This selectivity includes the Windows power selection, the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” setting in Device Manager, and any USB power saving settings in your iOS.PC.
    7. 7-6


      A new issue with your headset firmware has been detected. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your headphones.

      This may be a temporary error. Disconnect and reconnect your headphones. If that doesn’t work:

    8. Check Windows Update to make sure you’re using the latest headset driver available.
    9. Try the entire headset on another PC. If you do see an error message, your headset needs to be reset.
    10. 7-7


      Windows Mixed Reality is having problems pairing with a headset. Try connecting your headset to a different USB 2.0 port and temporarily disable all other USB devices connected to your PC.

      The Mixed Reality Driver Headset was unable to initialize your headset firmware. This may be a temporary error. I’ll tryPlease unplug and replug your headset, so make sure you’re using a powerful Mixed Reality USB hub.

    11. Unplug any extension cords.
    12. Check for Windows Updates to make sure. you are using the latest headset driver available.
    13. 7-11 2181038087-11


      processor is too old to be compatible with Windows Mixed Reality.

      Your processor does not have the AVX board set required for Mixed Reality motion controllers. You will need almost any PC compatible with Windows Mixed Reality.

      7-12 2181038087-12

      Your headset

      is connected to a certain incompatible USB controller. Try connecting your current headset to a different USB port, if one is available. Or try installing a USB driver from Microsoft, including incompatible drivers.

      Your headset can sometimes be plugged into a USB port connected to an incompatible non-Microsoft USB controller driver. These USB 3.0 choke drivers often lack the talent to read and process the entire ContainerID descriptor that connects the various stages of a mixed real-time headset.features into a coherent whole (to get hits, good playback in headphones, correct output of online video displays and the most desirable exhaust gas tracking data of sensors). To change the USB controller ratio:

      1. Start Device Manager.
      2. Expand “Universal Serial Bus Controller” and click. To uninstall a specific driver, right-click. click to verify that the device contains the text “Extensible Host Controller” and does not contain “Microsoft” in the name.
      3. Select “Delete the driver software on this device” to ensure that older drivers are removed .
      4. Check any item that usually contains the text “extensible host controller” with “Microsoft” at the end.
      5. A plug will appear in the headset.

      If the problem occurs intermittently, the headset may not respond well to commands from the headset driver. To solve this problem, unplug your headset for 30 seconds or more, and then plug it back in. 7-13


      Your headset is connected to an incompatibleimom USB controller. Try connecting your headset to multiple USB ports if available. If less, you need to install a modern USB 3.0 controller. Obviously, Mixed Reality cannot sync the timestamps of the Mixed Reality camera images with the timestamps on your PC. This is most likely caused by an incompatible Plenchora USB 3.0 controller that does not support ITP (Isochronous Timestamp Packets). Check with your computer manufacturer to see if ITP can be enabled, or switch to another USB host controller that supports ITP.



      Windows Mixed Reality is still having problems connecting to the headset. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your headset.