BSOD error 0x0000008E in Windows XP SP3

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Remove newly deployed hardware.
Install Windows updates.
Take your pilots back in time.
Use System Restore to undo recent system changes.
Run your own virus and malware scan.
Check and replace your own memory.
Make sure the system callback is properly set.
Reset BIOS location to default values.

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After installing a certain update or an awesome new program on your PC, a person is usually prompted to reactivate Windows 10. Now, in rare cases, during this particular step of the reboot, you may encounter system issues such as boot File Beta code A2. .

This particular problem can alsooccur before the purchase of the Windows operating system, which means that, according to experts, it will interfere with the efficient use of your computer or laptop.

Therefore, it is extremely difficult to solve the problem as soon as possible. But first you need to understand one thing: error A2 signals that the system may not recognize the boot device on a real PC.

In a nutshell, one of your drivers was causing this boot problem (hard drive, solid state drive, optical, USB, etc.). So you have to “tell” your desktop where everything to boot from, be it my Windows 10 system or the BIOS interface.

In any case, as you can already see, like any other system failure, we can only fix the boot version of A2, and here are the troubleshooting steps to apply in this situation of the guide.

How To Fix A2 PC Boot Problems

  • Solution 1: Disable certain drivers one by one.
  • There are only two solutions: reset or update CMOS/BIOS.
  • Solution 3: Update your drivers
  • Solution 3. Special case: deviceSATA
  • 1. Disable Drivers One By One

    As described above, the PC A2 error is also related to the boot devices on your computer. So first you need to disable the drivers and then plug them back in properly.

    This guide will work around this A2 issue and go through the BIOS with a command to adjust the shoe settings accordingly.

    Therefore, first disconnect all devices and then all owners from your car. Finally, just plug in the driver (such as an SSD) and get on with your computer.

    Try accessing the BIOS where you configure boot options. If using an SSD or HDD doesn’t work, try also removing the main RAM (if two slots might be occupied, plug in a video slot first and see if that solves your problem).< /p >

    After configuring your boot options effectively, you should be able to successfully connect all of these drivers normally.

    2. Reset Or Update CMOS/BIOS

    Another way to get rid of these A2 boot problems is to update the BIOS. Of course, initiationa break can also solve this problem. So go into the BIOS interface of your Windows computer (this procedure varies from manufacturer to manufacturer) and look for the default settings.

    Here we should be able to select an operation known as “default reset” or “factory reset”. Confirm your choice and even restart your computer. And here is how you can reset CMOS/BIOS. Update

    In the BIOS, you need to return this interface to each device. Now the update option may not be included in your hardware default configuration, so there are two ways to accomplish this task:

  • You can do this automatically via the BIOS when a random update is available
  • You can complete this process manually by going to your motherboard manufacturer’s official website – from there, download the latest BIOS update patch and even apply it to your computer.
  • 3. Update Driver

    If the A2 boot or boot error is rare, you can also check the drivers installed on your system Windows 10 meme. For example, a USB 3.0 driver can cause boot problems.

    So look to bypass the installed couriers and reinstall everything – directly power on your Windows 10 system, press these Win + R hotkeys and in the RUN field enter appwiz.cpl; for now, just reinstall drivers that may not work properly on your preferred device.

    4. Solution 4: Feature: Devices

    SATA A2 boot failure is sometimes related to SATA devices. If so, you can try this:

    1. Load normal BIOS settings.
    2. Change the SATA ports.
    3. Install the SATA devices one by one and check which device is causing this issue.
    4. Check your SATA cables.
    5. If you continue to access another system, check if the device is working properly.

    I hope that after following the troubleshooting solutions above, your Windows 10 system is now running smoothly. However, if you are still facing the same A2 startup error, please let us know in the comments section below.

    Be sure to describe in detail the problem with the savehardware configuration. Based on the details, we can suggest other solutions that may work for your particular case.

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