Angry Birds won’t play

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How and should I fix bugs and problems with Angry Bird for PC? You can find all the Elimination of errors and their correction in the computer game Angry near the post. Some major issues and fixes in versionAngry Bird for PC:

  1. Texture is probably too big: 2048 x 2048, most commonly supported 1024 x 1440 size:. The texture is too big.
  2. These application functions cannot be started because the new application configuration is incorrect.

Issue 1: Texture is too big: 2048 x 2048, maximum supported size: 1024 x 1024

Problem 2; – Â This application cannot be started because the application configuration is definitely incorrect

Note. The minimum resolution for free versions of Angry Birds on PC is 1024 x 582. Update

  1. Video card driver (best solution) AND (nvidia drivers)
  2. Copy and paste “msvcr100.In dll” into the Angry Bird installation folder to paste the system32 folder. (required)
  3. Open “config.Lua” notepad and change both height and width to 600 and 500 respectively
  4. Install iTunes 10.3.1 .for .Windows .XP, .Or .vista .Windows .7
  5. Install Microsoft .Visual .C++ .Redistributable .Package
  6. Install .Microsoft ..NET Framework 3.5
  7. Finally your business can play online with

Hope Quick Trick to Run Angry PC Version bird will help you manage one of the strongest gamessimulations for Windows PC on mobile phones. If you have questions, restore the answer in the comments section

Below are all the fixes and solutions for Four fatal errors in Angry Bird PC version and shooting issues, along with a detailed explanation and an environmentally friendly solution.

I was playing these Angry Birds on systems with Windows XP installed and also suddenly got the following error message on my screen:

The failed application must be run because the function configuration is incorrect.

Does anyone know how to fix Do it to me? know if you need a solution.

Angry Duck works well on all participating versions of the Windows operating system.

However, you need to follow the instructions in the manual to run the game on Windows XP.

1. Download and install the latest version from Microsoft. Net Framework v3.5

3. Finally, you must ensure that each of our birds has the latest version of Angry installed.

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    I had Windows XP on my old computer. Now I have Windows 7 and the Angry Birds game won’t start. Did I go to their website and paid to download the Windows 7 build version. However, it doesn’t really work there. I am getting an error: ? : Try to execute 0: arithmetic function on via table of values ​​(call stack not available). Each “


    Helio has a solution for this?

    Thank you!


    Contact Dorothy at Rovio Support to get the players working

    Also check the visitor’s error in the event


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    How to fix angry birds OpenGL error?

    Angry birds by Requires OpenGL 1.3 or higher to run. Please try to post the latest version of your graphics card drivers available on the manufacturer’s website. If your drivers are up to date and you are still getting this error, you can use a type of program called OpenGL Extensions Viewer to see if your system supports OpenGL 1.3.

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