CTOCPP – C to C ++ Converter

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CTOCPP – C to C ++ Converter


C to C ++ Converter

Converting the source code of a C project to C ++
An open source project written in Python before Scriptol existed.
For any system: Windows, Linux, etc.

This is a script that translates C to C ++ in a few steps:
– generate courses,
– transformation of functions into methods,
– Replacing function calls with method references.
The main script calls other specialized scripts, but you can also walk through the steps and manually change the results of one step before starting the next.
This tool is not easy to use. This is for experienced programmers.

Why use it
Converting your project to C ++ avoids identifier conflicts and makes code reuse easier.

You need Python to run scripts.
The converter works best with well-formatted indented source code. Trainers C, C ++ are available on the net.
You will need to fill in some information in order to recreate the document.
Before running the scripts, you need to print out the CTOCPP.INFO manual,
and read the chapter carefully step by step.

Tools included
Find Searches / replaces the file.
Move Move the entire project from one or more directories to one or more different directories. Of course the “#include” instructions have been updated …
Mklist Use the name of the file containing the main function to recursively create a list of all files in the project.
Download C to C ++ Converter from Sourceforge
Download Simtel C to C ++ Converter
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