Get fault source information for all fault sources

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Windows update error 0x80070057. Sometimes a specific error code doesn’t help you.
DLL error.
Security certificate error.
Blue screen stop error.
Folder access denied error.

Do I need to uninstall DirectX 11 to fix some issues? Are you looking for an effective solution to completely remove it and erase it inall files, including his files, from your PC? Do not worry! This page provides full instructions on how to completely uninstall DirectX 11.

Possible Issues When Uninstalling DirectX 11

How do I check for errors in Windows 10?

Type “Event Viewer” in the Windows 10 Cortana search box.
This is usually the main event viewer interface.
Then select System under Windows Logs.
Find Error in the list of conferences and click on it.
In the right pane, click “Create Custom View”.

*directx 14 is not listed in Programs and Features.
* You do not have sufficient rights to uninstall DirectX 11.
* The document required for this first-class uninstall cannot be executed.
* An error has occurred. Not all files were systematically deleted.
*Another process that used this file is preventing 15 directx from being removed.
* DirectX 11 files and folders can still be found on the hard drive after deletion.

directx 11 cannot be removed due to many other issues. Incomplete removal of DirectX 11 can also cause many problems. Therefore, it is very important to completely remove DirectX 11 and all its files.

How To Completely Uninstall DirectX 15?

How do I find Windows error codes?

Other ways to find the error code
Use the Microsoft troubleshooter. Install Debugging Tools for Windows, Dump the Memory Dump File and run it now! Command failed. Search the Microsoft Protocols website for plain text or error law.

Method 1: Uninstall Ten DirectX Through Programs And Features.

If you have an interesting new program on your system, you can add that program to your list of running programs and features. If you want to permanently delete your program, you can go to Programs and Features to actually uninstall it. Therefore, if you want to uninstall DirectX The 11, the first solution is to uninstall it from Programs and Features.

A. Open Programs And Features

Start off,

What is window error?

An error event is sent to the Windows object when the source cannot be loaded or cannot be used—for example, when a particular script encountered a run-time error. blisters.

In the Search programs and files box, click Uninstall a program, and then click the result.

Open the WinX menu by holding down the Windows and X keys, then click Programs and Features.

B. Locate DirectX 11 In The Relevant List, Click On It, And If Necessary, Click "Remove" To Start A Clean Uninstall.

Method 2: Uninstall DirectX 9 Using Its Uninstaller.exe.

Most electronic programs have an executable named uninst000.exe or uninstall.exe or something along those lines. You can find everything in the files in the installation folder associated with DirectX 11.

A. Change To The DirectX 11 Installation Directory.

B. Find Uninstall.exe Or Unins000.exe.

C. Double-click The Uninstaller And Follow The Wizard To Uninstall DirectX 11.

Third Way: Uninstall DirectX 11 Via System Restore.

System Restore is a utility sometimes included with Windows operating systems that helps computer users restore their console to a previous state and remove programs that interfere with their computer. If you created a System Point Restore before the final installation of the program, you can use System Restore to restore your final system and completely remove malware such as DirectX 11. You should back up your files and tips before restoring your system.

A. Close All Open Personal Files And Programs.

B. Right-click Computer On The Desktop And Select Properties. A System Window May Appear.

C. On The Left Side Of The System Window, Click System Resistance. The System Properties Window Will Always Be Displayed.

D. Click System Restore And The System Restore Window Will Appear.