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Encyclopedia of Programming Languages


    The Scriptol encyclopedia holds an history of languages that shows new features first appeared with each language, and thanks to a comparison table and cards on the most popular languages allows to compare them according to features, syntax, with lot of examples of code.
    • Alphabetical list of programming languages
      All languages with a compiler or an interpreter, and historical languages.
    • History and evolution of computer languages
      Various concepts and designs for a programming language, features bring with each new language.
    • The list by dates
      Chronology of computer languages, from 1946 to today.
    • Comparison of popular and new languages
      How to choose a language according to your projects.
    • Hello world program in 200 programming languages
      The simplest possible program in any languages.
    • Fibonacci’s serie
      The algorithm written in the most popular programming languages.
    • Sieve of Eratosthenes
      The true algorithm. Compute prime number in any language.
    • JavaScript Tutorial
      We are starting a tutorial for JavaScript with examples and demos.