Download the compilers

The manual and demos are included in each archive.

The software comes in a compressed zip or tar.gz archive. Look at the install page for more infos.

The version number of PHP and C++ compilers is formed by the year minus 2000 and the month, possibly supplemented by the day if there are multiple versions in the same month.

Read carefully the manual and look at the FAQ page.

Scriptol 3 to JavaScript compiler
OS Archive Version Format Size Date

Scriptol JavaScript
DLL included.

1.8 zip 570 k June 14, 2016

Scriptol JavaScript

1.7.1 zip 850 k October 26, 2015

Scriptol 2 to PHP compiler
OS Archive Version Format Size Date

Scriptol PHP
DLL included.

15.8 zip 560 k July 21, 2015
Scriptol PHP 15.6 zip 830 k June 16, 2015

All tools below support the first version of the Scriptol language.

Scriptol 1 interpreter
Scriptol Interpreter
Manual / examples included
7.1 zip 900 k
Scriptol Interpreter - Installer
Manual / examples included
7.1 exe 1300 k

Scriptol 1 to PHP compiler (manual / examples included)
Scriptol PHP 5
DLL included.
14.4 zip 1100 k
Scriptol PHP 4 7.1 zip 600 k
Scriptol PHP 4 - Installer 7.1 exe 800 k
Scriptol PHP - Executable only build 18 March 2014. 14.3 zip 760 K.
Scriptol PHP 7.1 tar.gz 300 k

Scriptol 1 to C++ compiler (manual / examples included)
Scriptol C++ 7.1 zip 1500 k
Scriptol C++ - Installer 7.1 exe 1500 k
Scriptol C++ 7.1 tar.gz 1300 k

Libraries and wrappers for Scriptol (Win/Lin)
Interface to the FTP library of PHP.
A graphics library compatible with PHP.
MingW 3.2
Scriptol library for MingW version 3.2
A complete XML parser.
No reader demo is provided on the site, but one is available here.
A wrapper to libxml is provided into the Scriptol archive. Libxml may be used to load an xml document into a dom tree from a Scriptol source.
A compact XML parser in sax mode.
A C++ example shows how to load, parse and display a simple Xml document.
Expat is used to load xml document in Scriptol programs.
Graphical programs made simple. GLUI is a graphical user interface based for Open GL applications.
3D demo in Scriptol using Open GL with the GLUI interface.
Visual C++ and Scriptol C++ 4.7 required.
Sqlite 2
SQLite is a SQL engine that works without internet connection.
The extension here provided includes the DLL, import libraries and a C demo to test the extension. Also included are batch files to build import library for BCC, Visual C and MingW.

Editor & add-ons
Scintilla Editor
Editor for Windows with a Scriptol configuration.
PSPad Highlighter
PSPad text editor under Windows.
Kate Highlighter
Kate editor under Linux.