Download the free interpreter and compilers

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Download the free interpreter and compilers

The documentation is included in the archives

The software comes either in a self extracting installer or compressed zip or tar.gz archive. To extract the files from the archive into a directory, use a tool as Info-Zip, or ZipCentral, 7-Zip on Windows and tar on linux (look at the install page).

Read carefully the manual and look at the FAQ page, before to e-mail a bug.

Free INTERPRETER (manual / editor / examples included)
Télécharger Format
Scriptol Interpreter – Installer exe
1300 k
Scriptol Interpreter – zip zip
900 k
Free COMPILER (manuals / editor / lib / examples included)
Compiler Scriptol PHP 5 installer
The full installer or the archive includes the compiler, the editor and the reference manual.
800 k
Compiler Scriptol PHP 5 zip zip
600 k
Compiler Scriptol PHP 4 installer exe
800 k
Compiler Scriptol PHP 4 zip zip
600 k
Compiler Scriptol to C++ installer
The full installer or the archive include the compiler, the editor, the reference manual and a library for BCC 5.5 and Visual C++ (A MingW compatible library is available separately, see at bottom).
1500 k
Compiler Scriptol C++ zip zip
1500 k
Linux Tested under: Mandriva – Debian – Red Hat – Suse
Scriptol PHP tar.gz
300 k
Scriptol binary last version.
Including compilers, reference manual and examples.
1300 k
Libraries and wrappers for Scriptol (Win/Lin)
FTP Interface to the FTP library of PHP.
GD A graphics library compatible with PHP.
MingW 3.2 Scriptol library for MingW version 3.2
GTK 2 Cross-platform graphical user interface.
LibXml A complete XML parser.
No reader demo is provided on the site, but one is available here.
A wrapper to libxml is provided into the Scriptol archive. Libxml may be used to load an xml document into a dom tree from a Scriptol source.
Expat A compact XML parser in sax mode.
A C++ example shows how to load, parse and display a simple Xml document.
Expat is used to load xml document in Scriptol programs.
GLUI Demo Graphical programs made simple. GLUI is a graphical user interface based for Open GL applications.
3D demo in Scriptol using Open GL with the GLUI interface.
Visual C++ and Scriptol C++ 4.7 required.
Sqlite 2 SQLite is a SQL engine that works without internet connection.
The extension here provided includes the DLL, import libraries and a C demo to test the extension. Also included are batch files to build import library for BCC, Visual C and MingW.
Editor & add-ons
PSPad PSPad text editor under Windows.
Kate Highlighter Kate editor under Unix.
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