Description of the Scriptol programming language

Scriptol is a modern programming language, designed to be simple and easy to learn, allowing new users ready to program in some hours. The programming time is largely decreased.
Scriptol is object-oriented, xml-oriented, extensible, universal, uses C++, PHP or JavaScript libraries. It is universal, that means it is convenient for scripting, to build applications or to make dynamic web pages.
Free scriptol interpreter and compilers are currently available for Windows and Unix.

Features of Scriptol

Scriptol is :

Why use Scriptol?

Mainly for:

How to use Scriptol

You may open the console and type solj or solp or solc to view the options.

Scriptol in command line
Using scriptol in a console

You can also configure a code editor to launch scriptol programs.

Choices of Scriptol replicated in newer languages

Many innovations or choices of Scriptol has been taken over by newer languages​​, which so help to ease programming.


The Scriptol to PHP and Scriptol to C++ compilers are under the Mozilla 1.1 licence.
The interpreter and compilers provided on and are free even for building commercial programs. Anyone may write a compiler for the langage.

The creator of Scriptol

Denis G. Sureau.